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About Us

Hi there! Welcome to our site

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My name is Duane Hoffman and I am a Fashion Designer. I graduated from Adelphi University – Garden City, NY

Contact me if you have any questions:
+1 212-689-3780
276 5th Ave Suite 704 New York, NY 10001

Our Story

When it comes to buying almost anything from the internet, we both realised that we have a strange obsession in being certain we were making the right purchases when buying anything online. Because who wants to pay for and receive something in the mail, only for it to not be what you wanted?

Through being curious and a little tech-savvy, we realised that not only were we quite good at filtering through the endless amounts of product information on the internet, but that we quite enjoyed doing it, too. There’s something to be said about the satisfaction in being sure that you’ve making the right purchase our of hundreds of options.

Which brings us to this website. After seeing too many friends and family get stuck with horrible, half-working products that are just as hard to return as they are to get working, we figured that we may as well put this small hobby of ours to use.

If you have goods for review, contact us: +1 212-689-3780 | | 276 5th Ave Suite 704 New York, NY 10001.